senior center

BANJO, age 11.
The leader of our pack.
Former scrappy stray with a sensitive personality and a calmness all dogs are drawn to.
SHEP, age 10.
The namesake to our Senior Sanctuary.
No eye balls, no problem. Nothing holds this stubborn beagle up.
JAG, age 13.
The chicken coop survivor.
Some mild brain damage makes this guy all kinds of entertaining.
BIG, 2015 - 2017
We adopted Sweet Big in Los Angeles when he was an overweight 12 year old, surrendered by his owners. We spent his golden years together, snuggling, eating popcorn, and taking slow walks. Rest in power, Sweet Biggie.
OLIVE, 2018 - 2019
Our first girl in the pack. Olive was a stray who wound up at the shelter, blind, emaciated, with multiple mammary tumors. We were able to give little Olive 6 months of love before she passed away.